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       G.E. Red, 14x16 oil on canvas, private collection

An object portrait of a vintage G.E. clock radio.

       Boathouse Lake Union, 30x20 acrylic on canvas, in private collection

A classic motor yacht resting in it's home.

       Rain Cars, 12x18 acrylic on canvas, in the collection of Watts Unique

A view looking west from my studio. It is a typical rainy Seattle day as the sun peaks through in the evening. The light was the thing.

       The Red Car, 16x20 acrylic on canvas, Private collection

This classic red car is out for a drive in the country. You have to pass it so you can get a better look..

       Palouse Road, 20x16 acrylic on canvas, $280

Breaking the rule of atmospheric perspective - but it's OK, it's on a lonely road in Eastern Washington.

       Tonasket Junk, 20x10 acrylic on canvas, $160

Something struck me about the bulldozer sitting on a hill, and the old wrecked trucks. Post-apocalyptic global warming?

       Deserted Car, 20x40 acrylic on canvas, in private collection

There is something peaceful and curious about an abandoned vehicle out in the desert. Who left it there?

       Coming In To Kingston, 28x22 acrylic on canvas, $280

This is very much a Seattle scene. The ferries are an extension of the highway system that connects the penninsula with "the dark side" (Seattle, as the dwellers there refer to it). It makes me remember heading out to hike in the Olympic Mountains, or the Washington Coast. A ferry ride was always the beginning of an adventure!

       Evie!, 14x12 acrylic on canvas, in the collection of Evie Carr

One of my most favoritest people - Evie! Painted for her birthday. :)

       The Red Chair, 18x14 acrylic on canvas, Courtesy Frank West

Sometimes it's simply about the way the light shines, no matter what the subject. Even a simple chair next to a wall can be a figurative abstract.

       Cups and Pencils, 14x11 acrylic on canvas, $130

I like unusual perspectives. This was while I was playing with colored pencils and drinking tea with my sweetie.

       After the Fire, 24x12 acrylic on canvas, in the collection of M. M. Spencer

Truck camping in Goldendale on a friend's concrete slab where their cabin once stood before the fire swept through. The dead trees were still standing amidst the grasses and wildflowers. And, of course, there was this delicious light.

       Artist's Home, 16x8 acrylic on canvas, private collection

Our (very) humble home seen from the park across the street. Romanticized, naturally.

       The Dogwalker, 24x12 acrylic on canvas, in the collection of M. M. Spencer

I decided to play with a little cubism. I keep seeing these amazing dogwalkers with packs of dogs, and the graphic of the leashes and wagging tails and the central figure was too much to bear without doing something about it.

       Haystacks, Bobby, 18x12 acrylic on canvas, in the collection of Miles Corum

These haystacks are like buildings out in the middle of thousands of acres of flat. The title? From a quote in a movie - can you guess which one?

       Roadtrip Snooze, 20x16 acrylic on canvas, $220

My wife usually falls asleep after an hour or two into a road trip. I wanted to capture it with saturated colors.

       My Old Hood, 40x30 acrylic on canvas, in private collection

I lived aboard a boat in Lake Union for eight years and this was the view of the Aurora Bridge from my slip. It was early morning and the bridge and boats were lit up with light.

       Orchard Morning, 30x15 acrylic on canvas, $280

This was our view from our campsite in the Crooked River National Grasslands in Oregon. This is the first of a series of three. The morning light filled the grasses and really showed the shape of the hill and made the trees stand out against the early morning pink.

       Orchard Evening, 20x16 acrylic on canvas, $320

This is the third of the series of three. The light coming in from the other side of the hill lit the tops of the grasses and made the trees glow.

       Tom's Deck, 18x14 acrylic on canvas, $320

This is the view from the writer/photographer Tom Trimbath's (see the links page) art studio overlooking Cultus Bay on Whidbey Island

       The View at Riverside, 30x20 acrylic on canvas, $675

My friends Nick and Becky with Kachi taking in the view of the Okanogan River near Riverside.

       &The Cell Phone Call, 18x24 acrylic on canvas, $280

Kachi trying to talk on her cell phone while heading to Kingston on the ferry.

       Spanish Coffee, 20x16 acrylic on canvas, in private collection

A calm and quiet early morning esspresso.

       Bear in Antelope Valley, 48x24 acrylic on canvas, $275

My exploration of back country Nevada and Utah where there were no people within miles and miles of rough dirt roads. My old 1987 Chevy truck's name is Bear. We've taken care of each other for twenty years.

       Up, 24x18 acrylic on canvas, private collection

The first one in my Up series. The perspective point is just off the center, so it can be hung from any of the four sides.

       &Up 2, 18x24 acrylic on canvas, $250

The second in the Up series. It's all about shapes and the change in perspective.
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