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Artist Statement

Each piece of art I create comes from a desire to explain to myself, and perhaps others, what it is about the subject that intrigues me. It may be color, texture or an unusual composition that captures my imagination. I feel it is part of my task as an artist to point out the beauty in our everyday environment, beauty that may go unnoticed in our daily lives. I also see this as a dialog between artist and viewer. I try to lead the viewer on a journey using visual signals of color, focus and form, to a feeling of completion and understanding. My direction has been evolving over time towards abstracting some elements of form and line to allow the viewer to complete the subject and provide more participation in the work.

A short biography

My education is in Mechanical Engineering, but I have worked as a graphic artist, illustrator, boatbuilder, programmer, musician, teacher, writer, internet systems troubleshooter, retail store owner, and artist. I have been an ocean sailor, taught sailing and navigation, built a 42' sailboat and lived aboard a 47' pilothouse trawler on Lake Union in Seattle for several years. I grew up in the greater Seattle area and have spent much of my time exploring the woods, waters and mountains here.

2016 Gallery at City Hall Shoreline "Toasters & Teslas" juried show
2016 Fall 2016 Arts North Studio Tour, Seattle, WA
2016 Shoreline Arts Festival juried show
2016 Bemis Group Show, Seattle, WA
2016 Spring 2016 Arts North Studio Tour, Seattle, WA
2015 Dandelion Botanical Co.
2014 Blend
2014 DBC
2012 DBC

2016 The Artist's Magazine Finalist in The Artist's Magazine 33rd Annual Art Competition
2016 Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 33, Juror: Mike Lash, Independent Curator, former Director of Public Arts for the City of Chicago
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